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Aluminized Proximity Suit:
Aluminized clothing one piece proximity suit, manufactured from imported aluminized glass fibre, material, wooden Lined, has double over lapping frap in front, along with glass fibre helmet covered with an aluminized hood and wide view visor, aluminized boots and hand gloves can resist high temperature up to 4000C.
Kevlar Suit:
Kevlar clothing one piece suit, manufactured from imported kevlar cloth can resist high temperature up to 7000C.
P.V.C Suit:
Made from leak proof 0.2 mm thick heavy duty laminated bright yellow colour P.V.C. Sheet. Acid / Alkali Proof ideal for chemical splashes. Suit consists of hood with replaceable visor, free size coat and pant. Also available as single piece suit as per requirement.
Fluorescent Jackets:
Lime green or orange colour with high visibility. One size fits all. Breathable mesh design with wide reflective stripe.
Apron, Leg Guard, Hand Sleeves:
Apron made from leather, canvas and asbestos are generally used for body protection. Standard size - 60cmX90cm, 75cmX110cm, 90cmX120cm. Leg Guard hand Hand Sleeves also made from leather, Canvas and Asbestos in standard size and provided with straps & Buckle.