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Safety Belt Full Body:
Used for general duties, where mobility is essential, consisting of one waist belt and shoulder strap attached to adjustable friction buckle and 'D' ring at the back to attach the single / double rope, made from Nylon webbing. CE approved and confirming to EN 361:2002.
No. 1. Scaffold Hook, 2. Karabiner Hook, 3. Snap Hook.
Rope Ladder:
Made from 10/12 mm Nylon / P.P. rope with wooden / Aluminium rugs kept 12" apart & 12" clear distance between two ropes. Upper side spliced and provided with 'D' ring Length of the ladder is provided asper customer's requirement. Above ladder is generally used at the time of maintenance.
Safety Net:
Safety nets are used for safety of people working in factories, mines, construction sites etc. Over all Nets are designed to catch personals and or debris falling whilst working on high buildings and structural work of ship buildings etc.
Made of 4 mm ISI Marked best quality P.P. / Nylon rope fully tucked/knotted and border provided with 10/12 mm rope. rope loops are provided at four corners. Standard size - 3mtr.x3mtr. or 4mtr.x4mtr., 5mtr.x5mtr., 8mtr.x5mtr., 10mtr.x5mtr., 10mtr.x10mtr., 10mtr.x12mtr., mesh size 3"x3" (or as per customer's requirement)